Thursday, April 17, 2014

At Passover Masses Passed Over --- Union Square NYC

Passover and yet?  © 2014 bubblegumvision

Folks this is our slowest time of the year and my Law of Distribution is out the window.

Point blank there is no room on the platform at 8:00am during Passover at Union Square in NYC?

I try to stay away from Manhattan, please. 

 I live in the Trendiest place in the world no need.  Doing a favor for this place this week.  Pinch, that favor sure hurts.

I've been a daily passenger on the New York City transit system since 1972 and I can vouch it has only become worse with time.  For all their construction on the same worn out and so yesterday, the subway, there has been no rewards.

New Yorkers have never gone on strike against their transportation system and I do wonder why.  Well that is why we do not have an effective system that meets our expectation and that is just a crime that we self perpetuate.  

 Polls are for tourists who think our system is a lark, a Coney island ride, in the game of games on vacay.

MTA debt service?  Oh yes highest expense of the MTA.  Next, pay of employees, beyond what the average New Yorker who rides the system receives.  They want raises and yet in the past 20 years none of us have had a raise nor do we receive a pension?  hmm   Yes indeed, so old thinking.

The rub that burns the worst though is that Albany is so out of touch that they gave away $30 million of MTA surplus to other causes.   Cause you don't strike or gripe New Yorkers.  You take whatever Albany or NYC MTA services does or does not dish out just like a _ _ _ _ _.

Mario's Insurance Addition (hey that is what NY Times called it in 1989 (and like performing in Turkmenistan and being Fabulous Fab it is Truly, Politically Permanentlly Adhesive).  [disclaimer:  this is not an encouragement to go out buy some more subway or bus transit construction workers to be named as best construction project in 2014.  This is to simply put up a light rail at points that connects airline and railroad and East Ferry passengers.   Yep that is going to help a tremendous amount.

The legal on the MTA debt service is that the state would underwrite (i.e. pay off the debt service, and they do indeed have outrageous sums to do so, they just politically won't, cause dad was the last one to utilize the treasure chest.  They deem it capital P in Pandora box.

Circa 2004:  Underwriters and Politicians a winner [for now], MTA's [BIG] Bond Sale

The outrageous debt service deal made decades ago that keeps pac manning our space.  The reality is that MTA is now servicing its debt with $30 million diverted from its surplus to the debt.  Oh yes, the slick of it is that Mr. Cuomo decided $10 million less than what was planned.  That way he looks like a hero.

What that is 1/10th of your Wall Street bonus?  Yeah, and you don't ride the subway.  Oh come on, don't go Bloomberg on me.

And yet he has never let New York City folks have a say in what kind of transportation system they would like or who they would like to lead up the system.

Lhota made most of the buses going to 125th harlem and then good luck buddy.  Lots and lots of empty limited buses race by stranded local passengers for hours.  Bus what?  This stop is marked a bus stop but isn't a stop or not until some time way into the evening?   Keep walking to your destination with your monthly card burning a hole in your pocket because it is useless.  Oh do I have to go down into that wretched rat's nest called the subway?   No more favors I want out.
We had so many opportunities to have a light rail system that actually served the city.  And yet, the funds were dumped into the rat's nest.  Would you like to sit on piss during your ride or have backpacks digging into your back.  Or be a senior citizen woman being hit from all sides while youth take up three people spaces with their legs wide open enjoying big mac dinner with fries in style?    There are so many baby strollers on the subway platform and trains, air travel and amtrak travel luggage.  Oh my!  Another back pack on my back.  Just don't allow backpacks on the subway.  It is as simple as that. 

No one answers the cries of the bus riders or would like to ride the bus.  We kind of grin in a disgusted way at the mostly empty "limited" buses that always make their schedule, always on time, great speed and yet, zero passengers.  This is the story of transportation in the City.  Change it please!

Hey one thing that is absolutely hilarious about Union Square at 8:00am  There are about five policemen per section.  Don't they say anything?   apparently not.

I leave an hour in advance of when I would have had to in 1972.  It is absolutely shameful that we can't get visionary heads that actually effect changes instead of finding slick ways to divert funds.

I'll be updating this don't have but a second to put it up.