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Rough Edge Politique

redemption song

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"Bob Marley. His poster is hanging in hundreds of thousands of college dorm rooms, but despite his prolific output and legacy, reggae icon Bob Marley has never won a GRAMMY. He was awarded the association's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001"-google

Every jail in the United States could do by far better justice work.  They are fully conscious of it.  They say that their local and state repesentatives hold the key.  Generosity is what really makes the world go round.  Did you notice how the world never goes round.

So what if someone has four strikes.  So what if someone had arms on them and committed no crime.   Just give them a better decisions workshop.  People think differently.  Some rules were made to be broken and fixed because they did not get it right the first time and attempt to represent the people.  Corrective does not mean bondage.  

Yo-Yo Ma  "I realized that music is such a great way to investigate why people do what they do."--nytimes, yo-yo ma and the mind game of music

"With an arrow and bow and some seeds left to sow

we are staking our claim

On ground so fertile we forget who we've hurt along

the way and reach out for a strange hand

to hold someone strong but not bold enough to

tear down the wall"--Here and Heaven

"Keep calm color in the lines
No grey only black and white"--"Your Design" Grace Mitchell

Banksy interprets the World's largest open air prison.
❥  Je

❥   Suis
150 Years Ago 

someone let the ball drop...

"The truth is, this country, in penal reform as in public sanitary science, is for "behind the age." The condition of the county jails throughout the Union is a disgrace to our civilization and humanity. The county workhouses are even worse."

We ought not give up prison reform until we let the last pin drop -- from the inmate in Chicago who saved all of his minor earnings in jail only to be asked to return them -- to the guy who happens to be on the scene in a crowd when a fight starts given 25 years sentence because he bore arms.

note:  "Nearly 75 percent of people who arrived in America from Europe and Africa before 1776 were immigrants in bondage."

Two senators are working on reducing sentence for prisoners.  One senator is working on keeping mandatory sentencing for drugs the way it is.  He is the roadblock to Smart Sentencing Act of 2015.  NYTimes  The latter is Iowa's Senator Chuck Grassley.  You can ask him questions here.

"Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections..."--All of Me by John Legend

 Two Academy Awards Winner, Nine Grammy Awards winner, Golden Globe winner  John Legend
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The effect:  
I was exploring the effect of Hollywood a bit during the NYFW F / W 2015.  My favorite fashion designer so subtly took on one of current film topics.  He is still producing an intelligent smile from his news email recipients.   
At the Academy Awards Oscar winner John Legend highlighted statistics of U.S. prison population.  
I thought about it.  The Effect.
 In 1971 "The Panic in Needle Park".   In 1973 Rockefeller drug laws.
When I arived early 1970s New York City, people were shooting up heroin right out on the street and on the trains.  In the late 1980s there were crack houses in Harlem, needles all over the Brooklyn parks and bridges.  Not a night someone wasn't knocking on your townhouse door.  
In 1973 when the Rockefeller drug laws were enacted something needed to be done. By 2004 the laws weren't cost effective.  Both Governor Pataki and Governor Paterson began to reverse the laws and to add a rehab program.  Mayor Giuliani actually cleaned up the parks, the crack houses and the bridges. 
Help Legend's Oscar message effect All Lives.
We can always do more.  In only a day or so you could help set someone free.  Free U.S. Airman Michael Giles.

Prison Alternatives, i.e. community-based corrections programs Make a Difference.
Ohio state has experienced a reduction in prison incarceration rates with more funding and programs.  February 2015.  Where you find the most resistance within yourself -- within your government -- there is where the treasure lies.  It is great for Oscar winners to make the speech.  Even better when stars light the way.  

Inmate Minimum Wages Should Be Raised

The Notorious B.I.G.  born 1972...Bushwick, Brooklyn  1994 east coast rap on the map by b.i.g. notorious...."On March 9, 1997, [B.I.G.] was killed by an unknown assailant in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles."   ... "celebrating every day no more public housing ... "
 ©2014-15 bubblegumvision photo
mural B.I.G in Bushwick Collective  by Danielle Mastrion
Enzio, Nio gun pediatrician street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, nyc.

Beck  Heart is A Drum, from 2015 Grammy awarded Album of the Year, Morning Phase

"I am not prepared, I just gotta gotta get there,
Where am I, why can't I just get it together?
F*** it, where's my s***?"--Beetles, Warpaint

President Obama said you have to destigmatize drugs first.  
Attorney Eric Holder did manage to correct the federal justice system in some tight jurisdictional spots.  Is that enough?  zonk.

The only thing you need to destigmatize is Money Honey for judges, court personnel, police and sheriffs, the military and its billionaire contractors that are served by the inmates.  The inmate will serve many over 1,000 times the value of his crime while incarcerated in the United States prison system.

Look how beautifully alcohol is destigmatized.  

Was it the star or was the star the star.

Alcohol, cigarettes, gas, sales.  That's good stuff!

The Drug War is a political problem, a maneuver.  
People want to make drugs and jail a race problem.  Black and White affluent drug users get a free ticket through the war, as they do court and jail.  When you talk about the problem in terms of race and color you weaken your mission which I assume is to set your bros free.   Well I am.  I came from Africa; stop looking at my skin.

Talk about this injustice on its economic level.  

10 years ago Texas passed a law sending low-level, non-violent drug offenders to treatment rather than prison.  Other states followed suit gradually resulting in a dip in prisoners.  You can't say nothing was done or isn't being done about low level drug offenses.  

No one has discussed the fact that the drug offenders in jail today in those states that followed Texas have violent offenses on their plate.  

22-50% of non violent crimes are breaking and entering.  Are you okay with that?

If the prison industry wasn't so lucrative there would not be one in a hundred  Americans in Jail.  Nor would there be Congress and state legislatures in which their members have become millionaires in all this.   Ask your representatives why they added fire to this war.  "Congress and state legislatures began passing laws that meted out mandatory-minimum sentences for drug-related crimes."

Alcohol does the most harm to others:
"Heavily advertised, 100% legal, highly regulated and stiffly taxed, the demon drink is responsible for more misery than meth, cannabis and GHB combined — yet only token efforts have been made to increase alcohol regulation."--think for yourself
"All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells."--Prison Industry in the U.S.
Consider the facts below as truths and then compare the plight of prison inmates of the United States of America above:

We have a great economy in America right now.  Everyone has a great minimum wage job, $16.25.

There is no reason for prison inmates to work for 25 cents an hour in a flush society where everyone else has a job, excellent affordable housing and the highest of quality food.

Outside the prison gates College degreed and full time earners supplement their bountiful income with Amazon Turk:

 "Estimates of what workers can earn on these crowdsourced tasks range from about $1.20 to $5 an hour without any benefits. "--unregulated work from the billionaire's club.

The culture of impunity continues in the entertainment and the business world.
"Payment on an unpaid basis"

 New recommended cash tip wage for hospitality workers in New York State is $7.50 an hour.
 here  As of December 31, 2014, New York State's minimum wage is $8.75 per hour

total $16.25 an hour for a hospitality worker.

The unemployment rate in New York State is now 5.8%; the nation, 5.6%.  here


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