Friday, December 19, 2014

Yarn the Bull

Cage the elephant - "Cigarette Daydreams"
"If we could find a reason, a reason to change
Looking for the answer"--Cage the Elephant, "Cigarette Dreams"

We have no reason to trust the Mayor of New York City and New York City Council.  Too many Campaign Finance probes into the 2013 Election and an FBI probe for the mayor still pending.  

We don't appreciate treating humans cruelly under any circumstances or setting them up to appear to treat animals cruelly.  It is a futile exercise.  Any mayor who supports it will be soon be gone girl.

The Mayor is considered weak in polls and by Manhattan Institute's NY City Journal.  Yeah, flock together with D.C.  stay there where it is incredibly weak.  Disregard for all of the people you serve will beget weakness always.

The mayor will visit a stable soooo-n.  

I'm not gonna change my mind on the industry ..he high pitched

okay, cause your weak.

Yeah, for sure.  Just for the entertainment sake of it I have observed that I was born under a different moon, Pisces, than our mayor.   It is so uncanny how a moon makes a difference in the degree of stubbornness a bull will hold on to.

Olek where are you when we need you?

It is that simple.  You have to earn our trust.

Give us a reason to change, give us a reason to stay.

Somewhere in my exhausted iphone there is a google alert that has NYCLASS once against officiating to the press about how we, the residents of NYC, got used to the smoking ban in the last 10 years and we will get used to the horse ban in so many years.

To sum up New Yorkers did not get used to the smoking ban they worked around it.  Such solution of attitude adjustment will never work for missing horses and their anti trust replacement, yet another puffed up car.

There are no honest statistics on the effectiveness of the Smoke Ban and they weren't quoted in the NYCLASS official statement for New York City residents.  In a Smoke Free checkup by a New York State panel years ago the Chief doctor of NYC didn't really have any answers.  

Sometimes the Chief NYC doctor just adlibbed.  Like we are not concerned about smoking in the streets.  They are just streets.  No New York Resident has ever complained about smoke in their apartment they are not bothered about it.  We are not concerned about residents.  That's right Smoke Free does not cover waving, walking, cigarettes in your back at stop lights nor does it cover your residence.  There are complaints made constantly by the residents.  Such complaints are kept in a database for safekeeping.  

The smoking ban has worsened our already plagued housing situation.  I wrote once that when the mayor took smoking rights from the bar he made our stairwell the bar.

I am not alone in my unacceptance of the ban.  I have my own database on what people say about the *##@!!! smoking ban.

Yes that is all I have to say.