Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Horses Have Been Carefully Counted...

I'm doing some research for a client to make sure they have some dog runs...

I find the New York City Park (24) Twenty-Four Sycamores Park.

Most of the park's land was given to the Parks Department by Standard Oil Company of New York following 1943 Parks Commissioner Robert Moses highlighting the lacking "active recreation facilities."  The land was mostly underwater.  The area still doesn't have much active recreation facilities today.

In 1985 Parks Commissioner Henry Stern gave the land a protective name.  A name that gave notice to every land hungry high and rising developer in the tri-state area (today it would have to be the globe) that the exact number of sycamores in the Park was known and sycamores would be accounted for.  24 Sycamores in this Park, sirs.

Good thing Clinton Stables is a private cooperative.  No need to ratchet up the address to "76 Iconic Central Park Carriage Horses in these Clinton Stables".  Nah, no need.

from the the local paper's editorial "Some Carriages Should Not Be Horseless"

On August 4, 2011 anti-horse drawn carriage protesters terrorized little girls at the American Store on Fifth Avenue while they were waiting for a traditional ride.  No reporting of arrests.  The American Store was forced to cancel the carriage trips for the girls.

On the same area of the editorial's timeline a taxi plowed into the back end of a horse drawn carriage at Plaza Hotel.  

The same political actors were on hand as they are today; State Senator Tony Avella and Assemblyperson Linda Rosenthal.  With ears so keenly tuned for the slightest turn to a politically lucrative sway of a horse's tail they started the Bills to do away with this "archaic industry"!  

So you see what Mayor deBlasio is doing in front of the camera is like...  yeah, is like...

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