Friday, October 31, 2014

Do you belong in the City?

One asks every once in a blue moon and why not on the eve of a Halloween moon.

Do cars belong in the city?

In Cars Kill Cities  2012
"If you are going by yourself to pickup your dry cleaning, 
then cars are insanely over-engineered for the task.  
It’s like hammering in a nail with a diesel-powered pile driver. "

Do health meetings belong in the city?  2006

Health meetings do not belong in smoky cities
"The organisers of the National Conference on Tobacco or Health 

have finally made the commitment not to hold another one of their meetings
in a city that allows indoor smoking in public places."

Do Dogs belong in the City?

Puppy Dogs and Country Girls do not belong in the City

Do People Belong in New York City?

Penelope Trunk states "What you need to look at is what you give up."

After we've figured out all of the above and most of them are gone...

Don't you think that the New York City Carriage Horses 
definitely belong in the city.   
With just some real daft punk management.  Why not?