Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My month long marathon ends 10/26/2014

I guess my month long marathon ending approximately sometime on 10/26/2014 is really just a 30-day residency in discovering thuggery of freedom in New York City. 

You know there is a recorded point somewhere on this marathon when I say I am going offline because I don't think there is anymore I can do here.  Yeah, I've had those moments on the pavement of a NYC marathon.  

Then you say don't think keep going!  Usually you come up with something really good.  Like never running again and using the time for helping the people in your City.  

I remember now Mr. Bloomberg was not so fond of Banksy's attempt along such City veins. 

I know we step in gold poo everyday in Bushwick.  Oh except the other day there was an NYPD flyer on a wall of a building I wanted to rent from.  It said there were black men with masks and guns that were arm robbing the delis around there.  Another potential escape from cigarette hell down.  

Such flyers brought back the Koch days when guaranteed going through the subway stiles to Pratt would get you a gun to your head.  Actually that happened during Bloomberg at the Montrose stiles.  Both of those events happened without flyers.  

The deBlasio years are about flyers.  Even on my building flyers about burglaries to the buildings around there twice.  In the subway police saying be careful on the subway because ... cut!  They try to tell me again.  I don't want to hear it!  It is about your cell phone.  Oh honey, my cell phone is an iphone IIIGS.  Even I can't get the thousands of photos out of it.  I don't care!  

Really there hasn't been anything that hasn't happened or that I haven't escaped from.  It is good not to live in fear.  It is better.  We live in a time of a fearful government and that isn't good at all.

Still you know, I am looking at the finer detail of this thuggery of the horse drawn industry, beyond the gold in the poo on your shoe.  That is where it is all at.

I decided to spend at least 20 minutes a day on this effort of how dumb is this City government for one month.  How dumb can they be to think they will get away with violating federal and state law? 

I wanted to see how people accepted the news on a daily basis and were proud of the transparency.  Then when you start putting all those dispatches together that really isn't allowed.

Except for one problem.  Google isn't that important of a source for information anymore for the person who is aggravated about the gathering of news from Google.  I guess the federal and local agencies would be called the Hunters.  They can obtain any US citizen's info for any reason whatsoever. 

 Apparently a politician isn't a citizen so such agency diligence is not necessary or wanted.  

Since I have nothing whatsoever on the items mentioned below I guess that will be a bit vexing for the hunters.  That is why they just say okay Google don't ping her url.  Make her ping it herself. 

I am ashamed of the lack of intelligence of the government that taxes me to death.

Which party does she belong to?   Doesn't.  Doesn't vote.  Doesn't care!
Who does she write abroad?  No one.
How many times does she use her email.  Maybe twice a week.
How many times does she use her Facebook, twitter?  For the past almost 30 days almost 30x and they are highlights from these blogs of the past almost 30 days.
Google docs?  They suck.

At least I did not keep asking people to buy booty short shorts a gillion times.  You should you know.  It's a good thing.

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