Friday, November 21, 2014

Polar VorFlex

When last we (in non business speak that would be an "I") wrote, I was an immigrant in flux.

Good news as of a few days ago I am in immigrant flex.
 I.e. I found a place for six months in prime Williamsburg.  I do mean prime.  Couple of blocks from Bedford "l" and East River Ferry.  Come December if the river doesn't freeze over that will be my means of hob mobbing with you forever smoking Manhattanites.

What is with this immigrant status?
We are all immigrants as Chief Seattle spoke way back when the euros asked if they could own some of that land for less than a trinket.

Post VorFlex.
The polar vortex doesn't want to leave.  The film and graffiti and mural crews are out in the backyard doing their best work on Bogart today.  I'll get a picture before sunset.  I bet you can't guess where I live if it takes me 1 minute to get myself on over to project imperial woodpecker.

I've dangerously gone rogue on my pc.
A virus remapped my keys and froze my hard drive.  I could not find my geek tools having had to move over 10 times in past two years thanks to New York State and New York City.

The book I wrote on this torture by government matter is quite kick ass.
 I wrote a court proof draft.  I'll go up to city hall when I am ready to publish and flip heads or tails.  Movie or court.

Well if the City Hall sidewalks are iced over and the eleven still trying to get any mayor's attention I'll just make the movie.  I wrote the screenplay.  Part horror story, horror story, action hero, action hero and lots of dishing it out humor.

Yes I now own an iPad air 2.  It is getting used to me.  I am so excited.  It is loaded up with the best apple software.

I did not give up on my pc and it just now came back to pc life after very long tests and repairs I made without any geek tools.  Yea! for persistence.

I had a 3 year insurance plan on this pc that just expired at staples.  I never had a problem with this pc.  It has been great.  It is hp pavilion dm4.  It started acting up during that 1.5 year with the guy roommate.  He would never answer my questions about the Internet.  He charged me fifty dollars for the web service and I think it was not his.

So there I was at staples and they said no to loaning me tools for a second.  $125 they said.  I said I'll figure it out for nothing and learn so much by doing so.  I own licenses for windows 7 and 8 and 8.1.  He said $99 is the best I can do for you.  Thank you but no thanks.  He said my insurance did not cover software  problems.

Also j&r are doing a modified bankruptcy.  Yep in TriBeCa they are rocking it as the only one.   Too bad I was going to buy an iPad air.

I walked on down to m5 and then walked to Best Buy.  I bought the iPad air there.  I'd had a problem with the laptop that was purchased and was insured there in the past.  It was a new PC that someone else chose for me.  A gift.  I put a whole lot of wear and care on it.  The PC travelled many times.

The screen was defective and had to be replaced.  The keyboard hardware went bad and it came back unfixed with the insurance expired.  It has been three years since I purchased from Best Buy.

I think Best Buy's insurance policy is so extremely better than staples.  This does mean I won't buy anything else from staples until given an impossibly extreme good reason to do so.

Yep I am a remarkably and idealistically educated and experienced consumer.  I am not a consumer in flux or flex.  I am a consumer vortex.