Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beehive FDNY

I am awoken by more alarms.

Look out on the N8th side.  There is a white car parked.

Right across from where the white car that was embanked at both ends with snow yesterday.  The care that had the rushed driver.  He may have come out from the building.  He was in a rush.

Right across there is a FDNY truck with parking flashes.  Two Firemen with backpacks get out and go into the building that is across from where that white car is.

Is forensics in progress.

You cannot get sleep here.  You cannot make this up.  In the background there are other sirens at the waterfront.  I must have slept through that.

Oh well, I have a play to write from this evenings long wait for an L at 14th Street Union Square.  It was meant to be.  No sleep on Super Sunday morning.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

another fire

I think 5 fire trucks have passed by on their way to the waterfront or the make a right on N8th.

There is a fire, clouds with dark smoke.

When I got off of my lovely subway stop Bedford I noticed there is the billowing white plumes spreading on over to East Willy.  That will go on for some time.  There could also be other fires within it.

I really want to sleep.  That is my ultimate goal in life right now to sleep.

Love my brokers.  I made about five mini teams for myself.  Love it.

Postponed shoot and meetup for Monday.  Actually with the weather cold I'll contact some of the horse people by email tomorrow.

Another FDNY station wagon went by.

I guess that guy that came out of a building hopped into his white suv and had a heck of a time getting out of the snow was in a hurry.  Maybe he was a detective.  This how great screenplays begin.  If a tower in Sao Paolo can be the subject of a film set in the opening of a high rise in San Fran I am pretty sure we have a winner now.

I really can't have the smoke.  It hurt me this morning.  I will live.  Just wish tonight brings peace.  Know it.  Will it.

oh and one broker said I was a great writer.  I said you can be my new mom.  My dad thought so.  Keen eye for human behavior was my dad's review.  Oh my mom just wants me to win an academy award.  My Grandmother Inez published the first two art magazines in the the United States.

She did all kinds of stuff but I am most impressed that she went into her son's school and didn't leave until they had figured out how to get water fountains installed in the school.

My big sister was editor in chief of her high school paper.  If I hadn't been bused to a different school I would have followed in her footsteps.  My school was more "progressive".  The art teacher in charge said you know creative editors are by far rare and we don't have one.  You are "it",

Else I'd have to duke out the current editor in chief and I was all for it and she was not.  I never had problems getting an interview.  The guys thought I was real cute.

I also played in the high school orchestra violin and piano and became a typing champion to appease my dad.  He said you have to find a way to earn a living.  :)